1. Open Safari
If you use an alternative browser like Opera or Firefox, DO NOT USE them now. The next instructions are only available from the native browser to the phone.
2. Navigate to and click/touch the Facility Access or or PNMI Schedule button.
3. Add the page to the "Home Screen"
Locate the menu button, it will look like this: In the menu, select to add to your Home screen.
3. Complete the process of saving to your Home screen.
This is an opportunity to change the name, but you should keep the default.
4. Save Completed
There will be an icon on your home screen now to take you directly to the app.

Save Password
1. Open the app and enter your User Name and Password.
Not much happens the first time. Complete the survey for today.
2. Repeated openings of the app.
Depending on the version of the OS, different messages may occur. It might ask if want to save it, it might ask if you want to use an existing password. Things like privacy settings could affect what you see and what options are available to you.
Eventually, assuming no other interference, it is possible to have it remember your User Name and Password.
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